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STYLECASTER: The M Jewelers and CASETiFY Just Made *the* Chicest Phone Cases I Ever Did See

STYLECASTER: The M Jewelers and CASETiFY Just Made *the* Chicest Phone Cases I Ever Did See

If you’re not familiar with Instagram-famous jewelry brand The M Jewelers, then I am so sorry that you’ve been living under a rock all these years. Must be very dark down there. You can ask just about any jewelry lover where you can get those super on-trend, gothic-style necklaces from, and they’ll most likely say The M Jewelers (you know, the gold ones with your name on them in some kind of vampiric font that makes you feel like the luxe goth princess you were always meant to be). Now the cult-favorite jewelry brand has teamed up with CASETiFY for a range of phone cases inspired by The M Jewelers’ popular designs—and the The M Jewelers x CASETiFY collaboration is seriously stunning.


In addition to customizable styles (featuring a new Old English font choice, inspired by The M Jewelers’ signature gothic style), this collab is also introducing new vegan leather phone cases—a first for CASETiFY. Now you can have the sophisticated look of a leather phone case without the steep price tag, guilt and karma! Add to that, the cases are manufactured from biodegradable materials, so you can stay on your path of sustainability, my dear, green friend. Plus, you’ll find mirrored and transparent cases featuring designs inspired by The M Jewelers’ best-selling Tiny Angel Heart Pendant necklace and Barbed Wire choker—an opportunity to match your phone case to your jewelry (new trend alert?).

Perhaps your old case has gotten too tattered, or you’re feeling like a phone case refresh now that the new year is just around the corner, or maybe you’re just always in the market for a new, cute phone case. Whatever the excuse is, this collab is definitely add to cart-worthy.

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